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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use paint?  No you can create a picture in any medium you like as long as you can do it in a day. The only exception to this is that we don't accept photography.

Can I make some outlines or preparatory sketches on my canvas/board? All materials must be blank and not pre-prepared with background or other preparatory sketches but we will accept primed surfaces.

Can I paint anywhere in the city? Yes, as long as you don't do anything that would break the law or cause a public nuisance. Common sense is the watchword.

Why do I have to go to the Concert Hall first before I get painting? ? Because we need to see your Artist’s Pass and put a small stamp on the back of your painting surface as proof that you started the day with it completely blank.

Can I enter a picture I painted beforehand? No, the whole idea and fun of Pintar Rapido is that everyone creates a picture from scratch in just one day.

Can I submit more than one picture? We can only accept one item from each artist. This means that if you painted a triptych you would need to put all three parts of it in one frame.

Do I have to paint outdoors? We like everyone to paint outdoors, because that's the essence of Pintar Rapido. However, if you can't do so or really don't want to, we will accept pictures painted inside a public buildings. But before doing so, you must get permission from the venue manager.

Is there a maximum or minimum size for entries? No, but all entries need a hanger on the back, and a frame is advisable becuase it helps you sell the picture.

Can I bring my finished artwork back to the Concert Hall, anytime during Saturday? Yes, we close "artist's check-in" 7pm so best be back by 6.30pm to give you time to make sure your picture is ready to hang.

Are there any age restrictions for participating artists?Yes, artists must be over 16 unless they are accompanied by an adult in which case they can be younger.

Does my picture have to be framed? Framing isn't essential, although unframed entries generally don't sell as well at the exhibition. You must attach a hanging hook or wire to the back of your framed picture.

How will unframed pictures be hung? Canvases and boards must have a hanging hook or wire on the back. Other pictures will be hung with double-sided Velcro or pinned directly to the display panels.

Who decides what price my picture should be exhibited at? You decide the selling price but the minimum is £30.

How much will I receive from the sale? You receive half of the selling price. 

How do I get paid? You will be paid by Electronic Bank Transfer once the buyer's payment has cleared.      

What time is the Artist’s Preview tomorrow on Sunday? It is from 11-12am and that is when the prize winners will be announced.

What happens if my picture isn’t sold? You can collect it to take home between 5.30pm and 6pm on Sunday September 6 once the public has left the exhibition.

We aren’t able to store paintings that aren’t collected. We donate all uncollected pictures to charity.