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Terms and Conditions

Even though Pintar Rapido is designed to be a fun and creative event for artists, we still need to spell out some of the important legal stuff somewhere. And this is that place.

Defined terms:
"Pintar Rapido" means a competition whereby artists have to create a painting in a day, which is then exhibited to the public and offered for sale.
"Organiser" means PINTAR RAPIDO Ltd, which is registered in England, company number 07516715.
"Event" means Pintar Rapido weekend.
"Artist" means any person who has registered to take part in the Event, paid the registration fee to the Organiser and received an email confirmation of registration.
"Buyer" means a person who buys any artwork at the Event.
"Exhibition" means the day when Artists’s pictures are displayed in an exhibition to the public and offered for sale.

Ownership of artwork: The Artist retains ownership of copyright on his/her artwork created at Pintar Rapido but it is a condition of entry that the Organiser has the right to reproduce Artist’s work in connection with the promotion of Pintar Rapido across any media, in any format anywhere across the globe solely for the promotion of the Event. The Organiser may film or photograph Artists and their work during the Event and entering the Event constitutes agreement by the Artists to being filmed.

Responsibility: Artists take part in the Event at their own risk. The Organiser does not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or theft suffered by the Artists or their materials, including loss or damage, theft of artworks exhibited at the Event.

Rejections: If the Organiser decides not to exhibit a piece of artwork from an Artist, or to withdraw an artwork from exhibition at the Event, the Organiser will refund the registration fee to the Artist via electronic transfer. The Organiser can refuse to exhibit an artwork, or exclude an artwork from the Event, for any reason it chooses. If an Artist's work is rejected he/she will be informed at the Event. If the Artist is not at the Event to be informed, the Organiser will keep the artwork until 7pm that day at which point it will be disposed of. The registration fee will not be refunded in any other circumstances

Displaying of artworks: The Organiser has the sole responsibility for displaying artwork at the exhibition. The Organiser can place artworks wherever they feel fit and without prior agreement with the Artist.

Selling an artwork: All artworks submitted for exhibition at the Event shall be available for sale by the Organiser as agent for the Artist.
The Artist will be entitled to receive 50 percent of the price paid for the Artist's artwork and the Organiser shall be entitled to retain the balance of the price paid as a commission for its agency. The Organiser will pay the Artist 50 percent of the price received for artworks sold by electronic bank transfer.  Payment will only be made to the Artist once payment is received from the Buyer.

Pintar Prize: The Organiser will decide and announce the winner at the Exhibition. The Organiser's decision is final and binding.

The Venue: All Artists must comply with any requirements imposed by the venue owner.

Collection of unsold artwork: Any unsold artwork not collected by the Artist or their representative from the allocated collection point is not the responsibility of  the Organiser. It is responsibility to the Artist for any safekeeping of artworks during or after the Event.

Law Applicable: All Artists who have registered to participate in the Event will be bound by these terms and conditions, which are governed by English law, in the case of Events in the United Kingdom; or Dutch law, in the case of Events in the Netherlands".