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Could you capture the spirit of Amsterdam in a day?

Virtually every corner of Amsterdam offers scenes to inspire the artist, whatever your style or level of experience. Canals, historic buildings, the river Ij, busy streets and modern architecture all come together in a vibrant urban backdrop.

Pintar Rapido sets you the challenge of painting a scene of Amsterdam in a day. Your artwork is then automatically entered into the €1,000 Pintar Prize and displayed in a selling exhibition the following day at the Posthoornkerk on Amsterdam's busy Haarlemmerstraat.

You choose your subject and how you paint it. Representational, abstract or even street art – in oils, watercolours, acrylic, pastel or any other medium – all are welcomed. Pintar Rapido is all about stylistic variety and individuality – mirroring the diverse, ever-changing character of the city.

Taking part involves six simple steps:

1. Buy an Artist's Pass from the ticket shop on this page. The Pass costs €20 ( +booking fee ). It covers all the costs of taking part, including:

2. Creative preparation
If possible why not explore Amsterdam the day before the event. Get a feel for the city and what inspires you most. Once you've chosen a location you could even rehearse painting it – as long as you start with a blank canvas on Painting Day!

3. Painting Day Saturday September 6.
Sign in 9am-11am: You must sign in between 9am and 11am at Pintar Rapido HQ at the Posthoornkerk, Haarlemmerstraat 124-126, 1013 EX Amsterdam. Bring with you:

Check-in of all paintings by 18.00pm: You must return your finished artwork to Pintar Rapido HQ any time before 18.00. Make sure you allow yourself time to get it ready for hanging (see step 4).

4. Framing your painting before check-in
We recommend that you frame your finished painting, so that it will hang better and be as attractive as possible to potential buyers. We provide frame storage space while you're out painting, plus desks for framing on. Whether your painting is framed or unframed, you must attach a hanging hook or wire/cord to it before you check it in. The only exception to this is works created on paper, which will be hung with pins.

5. Exhibition and sale Sunday September 7, 2014.
Preview for artists only, 11.00-12.00.
Public exhibition and sale, 12.00-17.30.

Pricing of artworks is at the discretion of the artist. The fee scale is:

6. After the exhibition. All unsold works will be available for the artists to pick up between 5.30pm and 6pm. As we can't store paintings that are not collected, any uncollected items will be donated to charity Our full terms and conditions


Artist's Passes will be dispatched electronically. Please email with purchase problems. An additional service charge of €1 per ticket plus 4.5% will be added to your booking by Ticketscript. No additional charges will be added.


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